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Monday 1st March

Good morning and welcome to Monday !


This week as we get ready to come back to school, I will give you a daily challenge... and a daily question to think about.

So today's challenge is :

  • Go to bed early, and set your alarm ready to get up at the right time for school.

Today's question is:

  • What are you most looking forward to when you get back to school ?


Live Lesson - 10.00am - Literacy.

Please bring a whiteboard and pen.

We are going to be looking at how to use pronouns and adverbials join ideas in our writing together. After the lesson I will ask you to continue this.

At the end of the lesson, you will be continuing the paragraph that you have started in the lesson. This paragraph will be based on either:

  • a cat and mouse chase.
  • a bird of prey swooping in for the kill
  • a sword/laser fight between two characters

Remember, we are practising the use of pronouns to help keep the action fast, and adverbials to make the action move on quickly.

Below is a sheet with some ideas for adverbials - these can be changed.


Core Lesson - Maths.

This week we are going to develop the work we did last week on the area of rectangles and triangles to help us with calculating the  area of parallelograms and trapezia, in this Oak Academy lesson.

After the lesson, try these questions :

Science -  This week you are going to find out about Rachel Carson, a famous scientist.


Rachel used 'the power of the pen' to bring attention to key environmental issues.  The Oak National lesson talks through how you could structure a letter to explain about an environmental cause that you feel passionate about.  This might be the danger of plastic in the oceans, littering, deforestation, the loss of animals habitats, recycling or another issue you feel strongly about. You may choose to write a letter, following the model, or you could present your information in another way.  This might be by creating a Power Point presentation, a leaflet or a poster.  However you choose to present your information you need to explain what the problem is, organisations that are supporting your cause and how we could help to tackle the issue more locally.


This should take you longer than one lesson so we will be giving you time during the week in order to complete this task.  Please bring in your completed work next week when we can share these in class.  I am really looking forward to seeing what environmental causes you choose.