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Monday 22nd February

Monday 22nd February

Morning everyone and welcome back! I hope you had a good half term. It started off very cold but by the end of the week I was feeling almost toasty! I saw a load of lovely spring flowers on my walks which is a sure sign that life is on the up!  My mum's garden is bursting with snowdrops and crocuses which looks lovely!

Remember the dotted line shows how to prioritise work so if you don't get it all done.....worry not.

On the menu today...

Elephant Maths 25 26 27 This is for today, Wednesday and Friday so one a day only.

Maths This is an Oak National lesson but I have done a sheet to run alongside it, plus an extension at the end. Follow the link below

Problem solving (Part 1) (

English This week we are started a new unit of work about fairy tales. The  sheet is at the bottom.


Spelling This is just a quick spelling test of some common exception words we have done. Get an adult to read out the words and you write them down. Remember to correct any wrong ones.

PE Don't forget to tune in to Miss Mcshane's PE lesson at 1.45pm. the weather is so nice...get outside and get some Vitamin D! Make a note of any spring flowers that you see! You might even like to draw them. Tulips are my favourite, hence the new icons on our class page!

Have a good first day everyone!

And finally.....

What did the salad say when it went to church?

Lettuce Pray!!! wink




Elephant Maths 25 26 27

Problem solving money

Fairytales 1

Elephant Spelling Common Exception Words