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Monday 25th January

Good morning my little year 2s! I hope you had a good weekend! Maybe you got out in the snow yesterday and built a snowman. If you did make anything I would love to see a picture! 

This week is action packed! On the menu today....

Elephant Maths 14 I have also put 15 and 16 on here for the next 2 days as well. 

Maths Today we are looking at counting in 3s. There is a handy little poem to help you. Here is a good tip....all multiples of 3 add up to 3...6...or 9. eg 18=1+8=9    27=2+7=9 So you can always spot a multiple of 3. Have a look at the poem, then complete the calculations below. 

Spelling This week we are looking at homophones. A homophone is a word that is sounds the same but is spelt differently and has different meanings. eg bare    bear     right     write. There are loads of them. Watch the Oak National lesson, then make a poster to show on our Zoom lesson on Wednesday. You can use bubble writing and felt tips to write the words. You could draw pictures to go with the words. There really are a million homophones so see (sea) how many you can find! Right (write) I hope that is clear for you (ewe!)

To investigate homophones (

Literacy We are going to look at a description of a room in our Zoom lesson today but the sheet for explaining it is at the bottom. I would like this bit of work sent to me if possible. 

 PE Miss Mcshane's answer to Joe Wicks is doing her lesson today....please tune in! Plus there are 2 PE ideas for you to have a go at.

Geography Today you are learning about Africa by watching this lesson. You need to do a bit BEFORE you watch this so have a look at the sheet below, it explains it all!

Coming to England Room description

Elephant Maths 14 15 16