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Monday 8th February



Live Lesson - Geography 10.00am

This morning we will be starting with a little quiz about what you have already learned about ocean biomes. Read over the work that you have done in the last few weeks about biomes.

We will be then learning about gyres and how our plastic is causing problems.

This is the video we will be watching, you may like to watch it again, after the lesson.


Your task is this : You are a marine scientist. You are presenting to a group of children about how gyres trap plastic in the ocean. How would you do this ? It can be a brief video, a series of diagrams or an explanation. You may use images of your choosing.

Core Subject - Maths.

Interpreting and calculating the mean average.

Follow this lesson on Oak Academy


If you wish to continue after the lesson there are examples here. They give further practice in calculating means. There are 3 of them, getting more challenging on each sheet.

Please do not do all three, just choose one if you wish to practise calculations.

If you are confident with calculations, but would like to have a go at more challenging averages, then try these.

You may use a calculator if it helps.




Over the next couple of weeks our science topic concludes by finding out about the impact that humans have had on the world so far and what impact they might have in the future.


This week's lesson looks at how humans have evolved over time and the impact that humans have had on some species of plants and animals.