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Reading Activities

Please remember to read every day Year 5!  

You could practise your emailing skills Year 5 and let me know what you have been reading...I would love to hear from you!

Try to complete one of these a day laugh

Ask your child to read a chapter from their home reading book or a book they are reading on Epic.

  •  After this, ask your child to write a short review detailing their likes and dislikes about the novel so far. Encourage them to justify their opinion with examples from the text.

Encourage your child to record any words that have captured their interest from the chapter that they have read. They can write antonyms for these words.

Challenge your child to read to another member of the family. This doesn’t have to be a book so they can be as imaginative as they wish.

● Your child can visit authorfy. Join the website (free to join laugh) so that they can access videos, author masterclasses and other activities over the next few weeks.

Have fun with your reading Year 5! This message below is from me to you! Keep smiling!