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Read the story Simon Sock that you received from Bookstart or listen to it here

Mrs Perryman singing Stripey Socks

'I love my stripey socks        (Change to spotty, fluffy, sporty, batman etc.)

I love my stripey socks

Ooooo I love my stripey socks.

I go my toesies, I'm really glad I chose these

Ooooooo I love my stripey socks.'

Sock Sorting:

Collect lots of socks together in a big bundle.

Match the socks together in pairs and talk about the different patterns, colours, and sizes.

Use language related to length eg. short, long, longer, longest.

Sort into groups and count. How many are stripey socks? Or not stripey? How many blue/sport/long socks are there? 

Practice writing numbers together.


Fine Motor Skill: Using pegs that need squeezing is good for developing fine motor strength and dexterity. Make a low washing line to peg the socks on in pairs.

Challenge: How many can you peg up in a minute?

Can you draw a pair of matching patterned socks? 

Make sock puppets and do show for the family