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Thursday 11th February

Live Lesson - Maths - 10.00am

This morning we will be revising work that you have done previously on area. You will need your whiteboard and pen.


After the lesson, choose one of the reasoning options ( Area reasoning questions or Treasure Map Challenge) , or choose the 'area of rectangles' questions and one reasoning activity.



Core Subject - Literacy

This lesson is on two parts - please take no more than 30 mins on each section

Section 1 - Spelling.

This morning I would like you to look at the spelling rule able/ible. There is a video here that explains the most important parts of this rule :

There is plenty of information in here, the most helpful thing to remember is the strategy that a complete word, usually has the 'able' suffix.e.g. comfort - comfortable; horr - horrible.

However, we know that the English language is a wonderful thing and this is not always true e.g. cap - capable; sens - sensible

Once you have watched the video, try some of these games for the rest of the 30 mins :

It is better to play 5-10 mins a day of a spelling game than to do all of them on one day ! Below is a list of words that you should try to learn, although you can add others to it to enrich your vocabulary. Start by learning 'horrible' and 'possible', then choose two more to get you going. There are strategies to help you on our front page.

Section 2 - Grammar.

Yesterday, we looked at past perfect tense and how it can be used to describe action that happened in the past. I would like you to write a a few sentences describing how either the rubber ducks were transported on currents, or the Great Pacific Garbage Patch happened, using past perfect. You do not have to write a paragraph, just individual sentences to try out your use of past perfect.

Here is an example of each to help you :


In the middle of the Pacific Ocean, the Great Pacific Garbage Patch can be found. Much of this is made of plastic, that if it had been placed safely in a bin, might not have ended up here.


By the time the Friendly Floaties ducks arrived in Hawaii, in 2007, they had already been swept along for thousands of miles.

Foundation Subjects - PSHE or History.

 Choose from these options below :


PSHE - Time to Get Active.

This session is about the importance of exercise as part of a healthy life.

Follow this on Oak Academy:


History - your option.

Please continue your exploration in the History topic that you wanted to find out more about :

After half term, I am hoping we can have a lesson where we can all share our learning about the topics we have researched - please do not choose Ancient Greece !