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Thursday 11th February

Hello everyone! What a cold night....brrrrrrr! I hope you were able to enjoy the hot chocolate from school if you picked some up. Thank you for all the lovely work you have sent me this week. I am particularly impressed with your number line work!

On the menu today...

Elephant Maths 23/Fluency game if you haven't done it already. (See Tuesday)

English Sentence Doctor 2. This is about writing interesting sentences and what you really need to include in it.

Maths This is another sheet about finding change using the number line method.


Geography I said it was in two parts, so part 2 is today. This was put up on Tuesday.

Don't forget Miss Mcshane's PE ideas or any work on The Night Gardener. I hope you enjoyed this book!

Don't forget to read something. As a class you have read 688 books since Christmas on Epic. Well done to all of you for reading on there.

And finally...

What kind of pants do clouds put on when the weather is stormy?




The Sentence Doctor 2

Finding Change 2