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Thursday 21st January

Happy Thursday morning everyone! I hope you are well, happy and eager to learn!laugh Well done on some lovely sentences yesterday about your early memories. Fancy Mrs Lee remembering when she was a baby....amazing! 

So on the menu today..

Elephant Maths 12 and 13 (for Friday)

Maths This is a tally/pictogram sheet. We are going to look at tallies today so wait until after the Zoom lesson.

Literacy I would like you to draw a storymap of Coming to England. You might have to have another listen to the story before you do this to remind yourself. See Tuesday's page for the link. A storymap  is telling a story in pictures in the right order. The first picture could be of the family...then dad with his saxophone...then a globe to show Trinidad is far away. That's the first 3 pics!  Remember to draw your pictures quite small either on the sheet on here or draw your own. The arrow shows half of the story which I think is when Floella arrives in England.

Spelling This is just a wee test on the common exception words. I have called it Elephant Spelling so we don't forget things. Read out the words and get your child to write the word down. If they get it wrong they MUST correct it and find a way to learn it. 

PSHE  This stands for Personal Social Health Economic Education. All classes at school follow this and we follow a scheme called Jigsaw. Each puzzle piece stands for a different theme and for this term it is Dreams and Goals. Read the sheet below as it tells you what to do and gives you a fun, musical activity to do! 


Have a good day everyone! 

And finally.....

What do spacemen play in their spare time?

Astronauts and crosses!!!enlightened




Elephant Spelling 1

Elephant Maths 12 and 13

Coming to England Storymap