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Thursday 25th February

Hello ! I hope you enjoyed the sunshine yesterday....


Live Lesson - Maths - 10.00am.

This morning we are going to be learning about the area of a different shape, but using rectangles to help us.


After the lesson here are some activities to help you.


This document contains some very tricky questions that you might like to try after this, or you could come back to these tomorrow, if you want to do more practice with calculations first.

Core Lesson - Literacy.

Today I would like you to continue to think about Action Stories. When describing the setting in an action scene, there is detail, but it is usually focussed on the nouns needed to help the reader understand the action. Powerful adjectives are chosen to make expanded noun phrases stand out.

Read this PowerPoint.

You are going to develop your expanded noun phrases before describing the action scene in the PowerPoint. Please underline the expanded noun phrases and verb strings in your writing.

Foundation Subject - History.

Please complete the History project that you have been pursuing using the Oak Academy.

Tomorrow in our Zoom lesson, I would like you to present your learning. You may choose to do a Powerpoint, quiz or talk to help us understand your work.

I look forward to seeing what you have learned. Please let me know via email about what you will be doing by the end of this afternoon.