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Thursday 28th Jan

Before Friday's lesson - please take the Spring Test 2 Arithmetic.

It is 30 mins. Please mark it and purple pen.

Good morning everyone ! I am really impressed with all of the excellent egg cooking that you are doing.

If anyone fancies trying some more, we still have some eggs in school, please come and collect them.


Live Lesson - Maths  - 10.00am.


We are going to be working on percentage reduction and increase. Before the lesson, can you think of synonyms for these words, that might be used in shops :

- decrease

- increase


Please bring a whiteboard and pen.

After the lesson, have a go at one  of these activities.


If you wish to practise calculating increase/decrease then choose the first activity.


If you are confident with this, try the second activity/investigation called 'Convince Me That' instead.



STOP PRESS - please do not start the Literacy work until after today's Live Lesson, as there will important information given out in the lesson !


Core Subject - Literacy.

Please read the attached Powerpoint, which discusses autobiographies.

One of the most important aspects of this type of writing, is that the writer looks back on an event and considers it based on their life now.

e.g. Floella says:

 ' I climbed out of bed, wiped the condensation from the window and there it was, a pure dazzling blanket of snow. I will never forget that feeling, especially how it seemed to obliterate the greyness and depression that had enveloped me in my new homeland. I had fallen in love with snow and the joy of nature filled my heart.'


The first part about the snow was how it looked, but the second part about how it obliterated the greyness and depression is where she has looked back on it as an adult. I bet she wasn't thinking that as a ten year old looking at snow for the first time !!


Then look at the pictures of the gardens at the end of the Powerpoint. Make a Mind Map like the ones we have made before that will help you with your writing on Friday morning.

Foundation Subject - Geography


In the ocean are different layers. Each of these has different creatures that inhabit it.

Look at the Powerpoint. Read the worksheet and work out where each creatures would go. Cut them out and put them in the correct zone. 

If you wish to extend this, you could colour them appropriately, based on some research or you could draw them instead of cutting them out.