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Thursday 28th January

Good morning everyone! What a lovely Zoom lesson yesterday, I really loved all your posters, although was a little cheesed off that you beat me!! Well done, I will get Mrs Parker to put 2 marbles in the jar at school!!

Today is our library day 1-3 so you might want to pop in and choose a book.

So onto today...

Maths This is about commutativity. We will look at this in our lesson tomorrow so you might want to wait.

PSHE Dreams and Goals This is about finding something you are good at and something you need to try and persevere with plus another Jigsaw challenge they have given us.

Literacy This is for the next 2 days. Floella came from Trinidad, so I want you to find some some facts about this island. I have given you a website to use but there are lots of others to use. Plus some questions to try and find the answers to.


Spelling Elephant spelling-quick revision of common exception words.

Elephant Maths  17 today (18 tomorrow)

I have also put a PDF version of the dienes kit on here for anyone that asked for it!

And of course.....

What do cows dance to?


Maths commutativity sheet

Coming to England Trinidad factfile

Elephant spelling Common exception words

Elephant Maths 17 and 18

PSHE Dreams and Goals 2