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Thursday 4th March

                                       Who is The  World Book Day Masked Reader ?


Take a look at the page introducing the Class Pages.

There you will find the Colney Heath Masked Reader.

Can you recognise who is reading each book ?


As today is World Book Day, my Back to School Challenge Question is :

  • What is the best book that you have read in lockdown ?

The Back to School Challenge for the day is to go to bed at a suitable school-night bed time !


Live Lesson - Literacy.

We are going to be looking at how we can change the position of clauses in a sentence to help us vary the description. After the lesson you will get the chance to use the sentences on the attached PowerPoint at the bottom of the page.


Core Subject - Maths

We are going to continue our work on co-ordinates in four quadrants. Yesterday, I got in a bit of a muddle ! I taught you the information that you need for today's activities - perhaps I knew that you would just whizz ahead and then be able to do this today without my help !!

So, under here are some activities about co-ordinates in four quadrants.



Foundation Subjects - World Book Day.

This afternoon, you have a choice of several activities that I would like you to complete before our return to school on Monday. Please ensure that any work you have started is completed to a high standard. I do not expect you to start the Science or Blogging work if you have not yet done so, but request that you complete this first if you have done it.


1). Science work on Rachel Carson.

If you wish to present your work on this tomorrow, please do this first. You could send me your work in a poster, and I will include it in a PowerPoint for us all to enjoy. If you wish to write two quiz questions, you could present these for us all to challenge ourselves with. If you wish to send in a report, I will share this on the website.

I will be asking the following questions to those of you who submit any work :

  • Why does Rachel Carson deserve to be remembered ?
  • Do you think her work is still important ?
  • If she was alive now, what would she be campaigning about ?
  • How can we continue her work and why should we ?


2). Complete your Blog.

Make sure that your pages have correct, simple but interesting information on them. Do they contain pictures to help the reader understand ? Do you have links to other sites ? Are there videos embedded ? Will people be able to present their own opinions on your material, when the comments are enabled ?


3). World Book Day Book Mark or other activities.


Have a look at the World Book Day site


This book mark could be fun