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Thursday 4th March

Thursday 4th March

Happy World Book Day everyone! As you already know I love reading which is why all your cloakroom peg labels are just some of my favourite books. I hope you can remember your peg label, by the time we come back, some of you wont have been at school for 11 weeks! Don't forget to look at the masked readers on the class pages webpage! Can you guess them all?

So onto today....

Maths We have spent a lot of time looking at 2D shapes so we are moving on to 3D shapes. This is a BBC Bitesize lesson. It has a quiz and 2 videos to watch. Then do my riddle sheet at the bottom.

Recognise and name 3-D shapes - Year 2 - P3 - Maths - Catch Up Lessons - Home Learning with BBC Bitesize - BBC Bitesize

English This is all about apostrophes for possession eg Mrs Otway's classroom. We are looking at this on Zoom today so you might want to wait.

Spelling 5 A Day spelling (from Monday)! It is world Book Day after all! Or maybe an adult at home could read to you!


Talking of World Book Day, there is a useful website.

World Book Day Primary Resources

If you go to the website....go to Schools...Primary resources, you can type in Ciara Flood. She wrote the book 'There's A Walrus in My Bed'. It reminds me a little bit of The Tiger Who Came to Tea because the parents don't seem to bat an eyelid about the walrus!

This is the You Tube reading of the book

There's a Walrus in My Bed by Ciara Flood - YouTube

There is a handy sheet that shows you how to draw a walrus! Give it a go!

You can also click on here.

There's a Walrus in my Bed - World Book Day 

Mrs Dowling has also given you instructions for how to make a corner bookmark. Give it a go!


Don't forget your drink...biscuit and joke for tomorrow!

Talking of jokes.....

What is a cat's favourite car?cheeky

A fur-rari!


Apostrophe sheet

Bookmark Instructions