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Thursday 7th January

Good morning everyone! I hope you all had a good night's sleep! For breakfast today I am having marmite on toast! I wonder what you are having?

On the menu today.....

Reading. Please read something today. You might want to look on Epic as there are some lovely books on there. If you like animals there are lots of great books.

You also need to read 'Augustus and his Smile'. This sheet is in your pack. I know we started this before Christmas but we didn't quite finish it. See how much you can read to your parents. This is also a You tube version of it.

Circle some of the really good words in the book such as cluster..chirped...scaled

Writing Can you use these words in sentences with a conjunction eg but/or/and

Check your sentences back....remember our CUPS. You will see this a lot so let me explain what it means...

C=Capital letter. Does your sentence begin with a capital letter?

U=Understanding. Does it make sense? Have you left any words out?

P=Punctuation. What does your sentence end in? It might need a full stop but it might need a ! or ?

S=spelling. Have you checked your spellings? If we have done this spelling in class, is it correct?

Now have a go at the sheet at the bottom. It uses when and because. These are important to use in our writing and are sometimes better than using but/or/and. You can also use when at the start of a sentence and in the middle of the sentence.


Spelling The words today are dge/ge words. This is recapping these from last term. Look in your pack for the words to spell. Ask someone to read them out and you write them down. Go back and correct any you got wrong....then have another go later today.



Zoom meeting 11.30. You will need....

clock...whiteboard and pen

Then you can do Time Match up 1 and Time Match up 2 which is trickier! These are in your pack.

It's probably lunch time so go and eat something tasty!


pm RE 

Our RE topic is about giving thanks to God. The sheet at the bottom explains what to do. 2 my little peeps....keep smiling and be especially nice to your parents! Let's end with another joke...

Why wasn't the moon hungry?

Because it was full!!!  Boom boom!


See you tomorrow everyone!


The Lord's Prayer 1

When/because sentences