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Set on Purple Mash or on our class website (below)

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Thursday 16 July Literacy & Science


Literacy: Write a newspaper report about the sighting of one of these beasts. What happened? Who saw it? Do they know what it is? Where they scared? Would you need to warn people about it?


Science: National Oak Academy

Science of acoustics

In this lesson we will be looking at the acoustics of sound

Thursday 9 July Literacy & Science

Literacy: Tell me about an experience you have had during lockdown that you feel comfortable to share. It could be:

  • A funny moment
  • A time that you felt anxious
  • A point where you felt proud of yourself
  • A new skill you learned

Here are some ways you might begin your anecdote:


Science: Oak National Academy

Amplitude and decibels

In this lesson we will learn about the amplitude of sound and how to protect our ears from very loud sounds

Thursday 2 July Literacy & Science

Literacy: Killer Cat

  • Listen to chapter 7 (read by Ms Feind ) first and create your chapter map.
  • Then you are going to write a newspaper article all about the rabbit returning back to its hutch after it had been buried. 
  • Remember that no one knows how it happened, so maybe your newspaper might invent a reason.
  • Try to make sure your article has:
    • An opening sentence giving the facts of the story: who, what, where and when.
    • Quotes from people who were involved.
    • What the people think might have happened.


Science: Oak National Academy

Frequency and pitch of sound (hearing range)

In today's lesson, we will explore pitch and frequency of sound waves.

For the Literacy ppp - you need to download it and after you open it you need to click "enable editing", otherwise you won't be able to listen to my recordings!

Thursday 25 June Literacy & Science

Literacy: Writing a diary entry for a cabin boy on a pirate ship.


Science: National Oak Academy: Making different sounds

Thursday 18 June Literacy & Science

Literacy:  Spoken Language (Pirate Cruncher)

Discuss and write down your thoughts.


Science: What is sound?

In this lesson, we will learn about how sound travels, how we hear it in our ear and complete an experiment.

Thursday 11th June Literacy & Science

Literacy: Reading Bingo: Look at Bingo Board 4: In your house, find a book you have read that fits the description on each of the squares/categories. Write the “Title” and “Author” (see example below) for EACH square/category on your Bingo Board 4.


A book that has a dragon as a character.

Title: The boy who grew dragons.

Author: Andy Shepherd

A book by a woman

Title: Famous Five

Author: Enid Blyton


Science: How do plants adapt to different environments?

In this lesson, we will learn how plants adapt to survive in hot and cold environments.

Thursday 4th June Literacy & Science

Literacy: Character Description: SPaG focus – Similes

In this lesson, we are to going to focus on the use of similes in a character description.



Science: To explain how a plant transports water

In this lesson, we will learn about how plants transport water internally and watch this in an experiment.

Thursday 21st May - Literacy & Science

Literacy: Character Description: SPaG focus – Conjunctions

In this lesson, we are to going to focus on the use of conjunctions.


Science:  Life cycle of a plant

In this lesson, we will learn about each stage of the life cycle of a plant.

Thursday 14th May - Literacy & Science


Instructions: SPaG focus – Adverbs



Plants: What are the parts and functions of a flower?

In this lesson we will identify the flowering parts of a plant and learn about their functions.

Thursday 7th May - Science
Science 30 April 2020 - Plants

Science 23rd April 2020 - Observing and grouping rocks - to be used together with the Purple Mash task

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