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Tuesday 19th January

Good morning everyone ! I am looking forward to seeing you all later.


Live Lesson - 10.00am - Maths - Ordering FDP.

Please bring your whiteboard and pen.

We are going to be working on ordering fractions, decimals and percentages.

After the lesson, have a go at one of these activities :

If you want to practise converting between FDP:


If you are fairly confident with converting, and ordering, try this reasoning activity. There are three different levels, getting harder each time:

Core Subject - Literacy.

Yesterday, we read about the weather on Trinidad, where Floella Benjamin grew up. Tomorrow, I am going to ask you to present a 30 second TV weather report.

Today, you need to :

  • read the tips on how to present a weather report :
  • find out about the weather on Trinidad, make notes.
  • prepare a 30 second presentation - without reading from a full script, try to work from a few key words.
  • download a suitable background, if you wish, against which to present your broadcast.

If you wish to make this a collaborative project - with two of you presenting together - that could be great fun ! Each person must make an equal contribution.



Before we develop our work on marine biomes, I would like you to revise your knowledge of the continents and oceans.

There are plenty of games you could play interactively. Here are some to try :


This one is particularly tricky as you have to place the labels on as the globe spins !