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Tuesday 19th January

Happy Tuesday morning everyone! It was nice to see so many of you on Zoom are all working well and your parents are doing a great job! I heard someone on the radio this week who said don't aim for perfection so that is my lesson of the day to you. Do what is humanly possible and pleeeeease don't stress about it.

So on the menu today....

Elephant Maths 10 (Put on here yesterday)

Maths Blockgraph questions about pets. If you want to collect this sheet from the office I have sent it to them. You might want to pick up the cupcake sheet and the continent sheet while you are there, plus a red book and whiteboard pen if you need them to save you a journey and cut down on the travelling.

Spelling This is -ing again but with a new rule....double the consonant if there is a short vowel sound eg hum......humming. This is the focus of our Zoom today so I can help you with it.

Literacy Coming to England questions. I can't give you a copy of the book but I have put a link on the worksheet for you to hear it read. You might need to listen to it a couple of times.

Geography You might want to finish off your continent work from yesterday. There is a good mnemonic to help you remember the first letter which is.....Ella Ate Nine Sticky Apricots At Alfie's. Why don't you try and think of another way to help you remember the 7 continents? Send any to me so I can put them on our class page!

Assembly 3.00 with Mr have been sent the code by the office.

Have a good day everyone.

And finally.....

What do mermaids have on their toast?


Coming to England Questions

Whoops! This is the first part of this! Sorry!

Adding ing to words ending in a short vowel and consonant