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Tuesday 23rd February

Tuesday 23rd February

Gooooooood morning everyone! I hope you enjoyed your first day back yesterday. it was lovely to see you all looking so perky! Well done on your number line work on our Zoom lesson yesterday, we are getting really good!

On the menu today....

Maths  This is another Oak National lesson in problem solving with money. This sheet goes with the lesson but there is a warm up exercise to do first. Plus an extra bit at the bottom of the sheet.

Problem Solving (Part 2) (

Literacy This is about Rapunzel. We are going to compare two versions of it, starting with the more traditional version. All is explained on the sheet below.

Spelling This is about words with an o but it sounds like u eg We are doing this in our Zoom lesson today so you might want to wait.


Science This is for today and tomorrow. You need to make a poster about being healthy. I have given you some ideas on the sheet below. We are going to look at these on Friday so make sure you have them ready!

Fluency Maths (instead of Elephant Maths) This is a fluency game called Risky. You will need a pack of playing cards to play it. It is especially good for practising mental addition, including Think 10 or pairs to 10 or adding 10. Just follow the link below

Primary maths games: How to play Risky - YouTube

If you want to do this on Thursday instead, you can do that too!

Remember if you don't get everything done, don't worry. Some of these things can be done over two days.

Have a good day!

And finally....

Why did Tigger and Piglet smell bad?

Because they sometimes played with Pooh!!!cheeky




Problem solving 2 Money

Spelling 1 o that sounds like u

Science Being healthy poster