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Tuesday 26th Jan

Good morning everyone...have your snowmen melted yet ?  It is always a little bit sad to see them disappear, but maybe, we will start to notice daffodils and other plants starting to grow now.It was really great to se some of you in the Library yesterday, I hope to see you again next week.


Live Lesson - Literacy.

We will be reading the second part of this article,down to 'And it won a Gold Medal... who would have thought ?', just above the photo of Floella - it will be helpful if you have already read and discussed it with your child.


After the lesson, I would like you to focus on one  of the incidents that Floella describes in the text. I would like you to make notes and collect further vocabulary that would enable to you write about it tomorrow. Please do not do this until after Wednesday's lesson, as we will be working on this together.


Core Subject - Maths.

I suggest that you make sure that you can calculate percentages, confidently and independently, as per the examples in the work sheets from yesterday.

Then try these mixed fraction, decimal and percentage problems :

At the bottom of the second page, you will need to complete the sentence with your answers. Email me the complete sentence to find out if you have solved the mystery !


Foundation Subject - Geography.

It is not often that a teacher will tell you to watch TV as part of your learning, but on this occasion I will !

Watch Episode 4 of Perfect Planet on BBC i-Player - Oceans.



How would you explain :

  • what a current is ? Which creatures in the programme use the currents to help them find food ?
  • what a tide is ? Which creatures take advantage of different tides to help them ?