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Tuesday 2nd March

How did you get on this morning with setting the alarm ? Were you already awake and ready to go ?


Today's challenge is to find and pack your bag, including your PE kit. Although you will continue to need your stationery bag, everything else can get packed.

Today's question is :

  • What will you miss most about coming back to school ?


Live Lesson - Literacy - 10.00am

We will be writing an action scene based on a short film clip. Here is a clue .......

If you want to re-watch the whole clip, it is here :

In your action scene, remember to include :

  • groups of three powerful verbs, in a string or list
  • expanded noun phrases
  • adverbials to give details of time, place
  • pronouns to shorten the sentences and keep the action moving.
  • short sentences to add drama
  • prepositions to add detail about where the action is

Remember, you are not writing every piece of action that happens in this scene. Choose the events that seem the most dramatic, and give the greatest sense of action.


At the foot of the page is today's mind map of ideas that we created in the lesson.



Core Subject - Maths.

Please continue our work from yesterday on finding the area of parallelograms. If you are unsure, then watch the Oak Academy lesson from yesterday to remind you what to do.

After the lesson you can either :

Have a go at one of the activities on here labelled Red, Amber or Green - they are not significantly different, and I think most of you will manage the Green calculations. Whichever set you do, have a go at the two problems at the end.

Below is a Murder Mystery puzzle. On page 2 the 'When' section involves perimeter. We have not looked at that in this sequence of learning, however you should be able to have a go if you remember that the perimeter is the distance around the outside of the shape. You can leave this section if you wish.

Send me the answer via the sentence at the bottom of page 2.

Foundation Subject - Computing.

Continue your Blog. Please follow up my comments from last week for your Introduction. Check that :

  • You have clearly introduced the main topic of your Blog.
  • Provided a very simple explanation.
  • Included an eye-catching image with caption.
  • Included a link to other pages.

Now you can develop those other pages. Each page should have a link to the Introduction. Check that each page contains a good mixture of information, images, perhaps a video and opportunities for people to comment. You might include a question for them to comment on e.g. In my Marine Biome Blog, if I have a page about the animals in the oceans, I might invite people to tell me what their favourite marine creature is and why.