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Tuesday 2nd March

Tuesday 2nd March

Good morning everyone. I hope you are all fed and watered and ready for the day ahead. 4 more Zooms to go  until we are back together again!  We are asking you to bring in your work that you have been doing on Monday 8th March so you might want to start getting it ready!

On the menu today....

Maths Fluency game. Follow the link below and it explains what to do. I have given you this one before but you might not have done it. Have a look at the adaptations to make it more challenging.

Primary maths games; How to play Bank the difference - YouTube

Maths This is a worksheet about 2D shape.

English This is Part 4 to the Rapunzel story. We are going to look at this on Zoom so you might want to wait to do this until after the lesson.

Spelling 5 A Day Spelling (from Monday) Get an adult to read the words and you write them down......don't forget to correct if they are wrong.


Science We have been learning about staying healthy. We have looked at food and exercise and you made some great posters. Another way to keep healthy is to  clean our teeth regularly. You are going to make a booklet about cleaning your teeth. I have given you a powerpoint to help you complete this so look at this first as it will give you lots of ideas for your booklet. If you want to collect this from school. let me know and I can send it to the office. This is for today AND tomorrow.

Mr Rose's assembly 3.00pm

And finally.......

What did the rabbit say to the carrot?

It's been nice gnawing you!! frown

How to look after your teeth booklet