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Tuesday 9th February

Good morning. 

Make sure you are ready for this morning's lesson.


Live Lesson - Literacy

This morning we are going to be learning about different varieties of past tense. There will be work to do after the lesson, based on what we do during this time.

Please bring a whiteboard and pen.

Parents, this may help you with the past perfect tense. Please do not worry too much about the technicalities, I would like the children to understand how this can be used effectively in writing. We will be working on this in the lesson.


Core Subject - Maths

Here are some problems involving the calculation of the mean. If necessary, re-watch yesterday's video, to remind you how to calculate an average.

Alternatively, create an investigation to calculate a mean within your household. e.g draw round your foot, measure it in cm from tip to heel. Do this for all your family members and calculate your mean family footsize !

You could do this with handspan, height or arm span. Have fun !


Foundation Subject - Geography

During our lesson on Monday, we discussed how plastic is a problem in our oceans. Here is a video that gives further details of this.


Plastic straws are a simple item that often ends up in the sea. We might not think that this is much of a problem.... or you might wonder how that happens in the first place. Have a go at this activity. Cut out the individual statements and order them into a timeline to see how Dan's innocent plastic straw ends up being part of a bigger problem. Some of them relate to the story of Dan, who goes on a picnic, and some are about what is happening in the ocean. These latter statements go alongside the timeline of the story.