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Tuesday 9th February

Good morning everyone...brrrrrrrr it's cold! Congratulations to Phoebe and Grace for being the first people to lose a tooth in our Zoom lesson! The biscuits are coming girls!

Thank you for your song choices if you have sent one. If you have an uplifting song to add to the Year 2 Playlist of uplifting Music then please don't forget to send it to me.

On the menu today...

Maths Fluency Game. This practises adding single digit numbers together. See the link below, it talks you through how to play it.

Primary maths games: How to play Race to Twenty - YouTube

Maths This follows on from yesterday's Zoom lesson. You might want to wait until we have done it, if you need some help. It is all about finding change but it follows the number line model from yesterday.

Geography This is in 2 parts...Today and Thursday. We are finding out about Antarctica, the coldest continent. I have put both parts on here but this is over 2 days so don't panic!

Mr Rose's assembly 3.00pm


5 A Day Spellings (put on here yesterday)

Finish The Sentence Doctor work

If you have enough snow, get out and build something!

And finally....

What does a snowman call his cow?



Antarctica Part 1 (today)

Antarctica (Part 2)