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Tuesday 9th February

Good morning Year 5, I hope you have all woken up with a spring in your step ready for the day ahead. What are you going to do today to help around the house? You could do the washing up, tidy your bedroom, fold the washing, run the hoover around and dust the surfaces. Any one of these would be so helpful for your parents and carers!

I look forward to seeing you all at 12pm for our live lesson. Please bring with you either your haiku or cinquain poems.

Be prepared to read your poem aloud. Have your whiteboard and pen handy as well.  



HOT OFF THE PRESS -  For 1 Week Only. This story is available now for you to listen to. Click below:

Listen to Cookie and the Most Annoying Boy in the World

Cookie thinks her life is over because her best friend is moving to Solihull. She begs her parents for a pet to fill the void and sets her heart on the cutest kitten in the pet shop, Bluey. But then the most ANNOYING boy she's ever met in her entire nine years buys Bluey and renames her Nigel! And then he joins her year at school! If that wasn't bad enough, he then moves in next door to her. AAAAGGGGHHHHH!