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Wednesday 10th February

Good morning Year 2. Happy Wednesday morning! Today is mainly Book Themed Day so at 11.30 I am reading a book you probably don't know. It's a bit of a surprise so I won't tell you until I see you on Zoom.

Most of today's work is based round that so you will need to wait until after the lesson to do the work. However if you want some Maths to do...

Giving change ( This is about giving change like we did yesterday. You can pause the video to draw your number lines if you want to.

Elephant Maths 23 (Put up on Monday)

Book Themed Work is all below, including a word search based on the book.

Read something...a book....a comic.....something on Epic....listen to a story......anything you like!

See you at 11.30 people!

And finally.....

Why did the boy keep his trumpet in the snow?

Because he liked cool music!! wink

Questions about the story including wordsearch

Other book themed ideas to do.....take your pick!

Storyboard sheet