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Tuesday 12th January

Good morning my wee year 2s. I hope you are keeping well and being good at home for your new teachers. I can see, from some of the work I have been sent, that you are all trying hard. I am also looking on Epic to see if you are reading so keep it up!

On the menu today....

Maths Elephant Maths 5. Plus the destination questions. These are in your pack and are a bit like a mini test of what we have been doing. If you want something extra I have put a Maths Challenge sheet at the bottom. You need to add in the minute hand and write the time under the clock.

Reading We are going to look at the Bear and the Piano Day 1 and 2 in our  Zoom lesson today at 11.30. You need your whiteboard and pen. 

You can then answer any questions in your red book.

Spelling -ied words. Sheet is at the bottom.

PM Science! If we had been at school we would be learning about healthy eating. There are 6 food groups which you can see in a little triangle. Can you complete your triangle like the one on the sheet?  You don't need to print out the sheet, you can just draw the triangle in your red book or on a piece of plain paper. Don't forget to colour it in!

Phew! Don't forget that BBC is running some lessons so if you want a guilt free break,,,, pop the TV on and grab a cup of tea!

And of course I can't finish with out the joke of the day....

When do astronauts eat their lunch?

At launch time!! wink


Spelling -ied

Bear and the Piano Day 1 and 2

Science Healthy Eating Sheet