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Wednesday 20th January

Bonjour mes enfants! I hope you are all well and feeling good today. The evenings are getting a bit lighter so Spring will soon be here. I even saw a daffodil growing in the garden this week!

So onto today....

Elephant Maths 11 (given on Monday)

Maths This week we are looking at tables, pictograms and tally charts. This is a table about fishing trips. Look carefully at the table to answer the questions.

Spelling We are looking at another way to add -ing when a verb ends in an e. We did a bit of this in our Zoom lesson yesterday so you should know what to do.

Literacy This is based on the Coming to England Book....all about an early memory. We are going to look at this in our lesson today and the sheet at the bottom tells you what to include as well as my earliest memory! It involves a big cheese!

Science This continues on from last week. Remember you drew a triangle full of the different food groups? To have a balanced diet you should try and eat something from each food group. Remember the bigger the part of the triangle, the more you can eat. I would like you to design a meal....give it a zappy name and tell me what is in your meal and what each part is good for. I have done one so you can see what I want. Please send me any meals you have done!

And finally....

What's in the middle of a jellyfish's tummy?

A jelly-button!!!surprise

Science...Plan a Meal

Coming to England Lesson 3

Fishing Table-Maths