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Wednesday 27th Jan

The Mind Map from yesterday's lesson

Live Lesson - Literacy - 10.00am

You will need :

  • whiteboard and pen
  • notes that you made yesterday about one event in Floella's life.

In the lesson, we are going to start the shared writing to create a detailed description of this event. You will then complete this in your book.

Please send me a copy of your work.


Core Subject - Maths.

Now that you are an expert with fractions, decimals and percentages, have a go at these three questions, at the foot of the webpage.

Your real challenge however, is to then make up your own examples for each question.....




I thought (as we alternate French and Music in class normally) it is time for some music.  Music can often lift your mood - you may have particular tracks that you listen to in order to cheer you up or when you are happy and just want a good dance around your bedroom.


This unit of work features the song You've Got A Friend by Carole King.  This may be a song you have heard before (or one that your grown ups know) or it may be completely new to you.  Have a listen to the song  - what do you think?  Can you answer some of the questions on the slide?