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Wednesday 3rd February

Happy Wednesday morning my little people! I have had some lovely work sent to me about the Windrush era and some super drawings of the ship!

On the menu today....

Maths This is a great website for playing a game called 'Pay for it' You have to look at the item and choose the correct coins to pay for it. You can change the level to make it more challenging. 

Pay For It (

Literacy Finish off your letters from yesterday. Today you might want to go back and edit your work. We usually use purple pens but any colour would do. We check for....

1. C is for... capital letters and full stops.

2. U is for....understanding. Can I understand it? have you missed any words out.

3. P is for....punctuation As well as full you need an exclamation mark or a comma for a pause

3. S is for ....spellings. Check your spellings carefully.

4. Don't forget to use your conjunctions.

Geography Finish the second  sheet from yesterday about Asia. I hope you learnt some interesting facts....what a huge continent!


Elephant Maths 20 (Put on here on Monday)

5 A day Spellings (Put on here on Monday)

Don't forget that Friday is our showing day for something you have made/draw/painted etc that made you happy. I am really looking forward to seeing your things!


Why did the leopard wear a striped onesie?

So it wouldn't be spotted!! surprise