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Wednesday 3rd March

Today's Back to School Challenge - try on your uniform !!! Don't panic if you have grown, we have spare sweatshirts and cardigans. You can continue to wear outdoor shoes in school. The most important thing is that we see you back in school next week.


Today's Back to School Challenge question - What are you looking forward to the most next week ? Be specific - if it is 'seeing your friends', what things are you looking forward to doing with them the most ?


Live Lesson - Maths - 10.00am

Next week when we return to school, we will be working on shape. In preparation for this we are going to revise some work on co-ordinates.

After the lesson, please complete some of these activities, I would suggest the worksheets and then one of the games:

The traditional game of Battleships can give you practice in this skill, but here is an interactive game called Treasure Hunt that is fun too:


This game is called Find the Ostrich ( it is not compulsory to own an ostrich)


Core Subject - Literacy.

This is a lesson about one of the trickiest spelling patterns in the English language. It is about the ei/ie pattern. There are two Oak Academy lessons. I do not recommend you do both in one go, but if you practise the pattern a few times in the next few days, you can return to the second lesson when you are ready to test yourself. After the first lesson, there are some games to try.

Spelling games to help give you some practice :





Please use the time this afternoon to complete your Science work from Monday, so that it is ready to share with the class.


If you have already completed this I have assigned the next piece of music on Charanga for you to have a listen to.  How many of the questions on the slides can you answer?