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Wednesday 13th January

10:30 Zoom Call:

Literacy:  To write a description of a room in my home.


Maths: Oak National Academy:

Using arrays to represent 3 and 4 times tables

White Rose Maths Worksheet


Science: Oak National Academy

What are magnets?

In this lesson, we will learn what magnets are and test putting magnets together in different ways to see whether the ends are attracted or repelled.

Oak National Academy Worksheet What are magnets

Wednesday 6th January

10:30 Zoom Call: Introduction

How is this going to work? Questions and answers.


Literacy: To identify a verb

Text: An extract from ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’ by Lewis Carroll

What is a verb? Watch this video to help

Read the text with me. Underline all the verbs (action words) in the text and create a list

Extension: Sort the verbs you have found into present and past tense!

Example: will – would, open – opened, fall - fell


IT: Touch Typing

Set on Purple Mash

Children need to log on with their Purple Mash details (in their Reading Record Books)


Extension/Addition support:



"Drink Me" Extract read by Ms Feind