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Wednesday 3rd March

10:30 Zoom Call:

Maths: Telling the time to the minute

  • WS White Rose Maths

Unfortunately, there is not link available.


LiteracyRevise my letter from yesterday. Publish my letter from yesterday using my best handwriting.


Science: How can we see objects?

Have you ever wondered how our eyes are able to see things? In this lesson, we will be learning how our eyes are able to see different objects. We will find out how light travels from a light source to our eyes and what happens when it reaches the eye. You will need a piece of paper and a pencil.

Wednesday 24th February

10:30 Zoom Call:

Science: What is light?

Today’s task:

Create a poster (pictures AND words)

The following information MUST be included:

  • What is light and how does it travel?
  • What is dark?
  • List 3 light sources.
  • List 2 objects that are NOT light sources and explain why they are not light sources.

I have attached the lesson below so you can have a look at the slides one more time.

  • pdf


Maths Reading and understanding pictograms

In this lesson we will consider what data is and how this can be represented using pictograms, including where pictures represent more than 1.


Literacy:  Writing a letter

To write a letter to your teacher using questions and paragraphs correctly.

Wednesday 10th February

10:30 Zoom Call:

World book day

Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer

Wednesday 3rd February

10:30 Zoom Call:

Maths: Scaling

  • WS White Rose Maths


Literacy:  To explore compound sentences

In this lesson, we will recap what a simple sentence is and define what a compound sentence is. We will learn what the three coordinating conjunctions are and when to use each one appropriately. We will also practise writing compound sentences using all three coordinating conjunctions. For this lesson, you will need an exercise book or some paper and a pencil.


Science: How can we tell if a material is magnetic or not?

In this lesson, we will look at how we can tell if a material is magnetic or not and also learn how to make our own magnets!

  • WS Oak National Academy

Wednesday 27th January

10:30 Zoom Call:

Literacy:   Create a wanted poster using information retrieved from the text. To copy key words correctly

  • pdf

Please find the relevant chapter for today's Literacy work below in the attachments.


Maths: Multiply 2 digit by 1 digit (1)

  • WS White Rose Maths


Science: How can we see a magnetic field?

In this lesson, we will learn the two ways you can see a magnetic field.

  • WS Oak National Academy

Finger Eater Ch2 1st half.mp3

Wednesday 20th January

10:30 Zoom Call:


Maths: Multiply by 8

  • WS White Rose Maths


Literacy:  To perform a rap

Take your List Poem from yesterday's Literacy work and turn it into a rap!


In the video Simon will be asking you to "RAP" your name at the end. I would like you to rap your list poem.


I will miss my school

I will miss my friends

I will miss the food

etc.... it's easiest if you start every line with the same words...

Give it a try, and as I am able to show videos during our zoom call - send it to me, if you want!


Science: Oak National Academy:

How does a compass work?

In this lesson, we will learn about the history of the compass and then use our knowledge to write instructions for a treasure map!

  • Oak National Academy Worksheet How does a compass work

Wednesday 13th January

10:30 Zoom Call:

Literacy:  To write a description of a room in my home.


Maths: Oak National Academy:

Using arrays to represent 3 and 4 times tables

White Rose Maths Worksheet


Science: Oak National Academy

What are magnets?

In this lesson, we will learn what magnets are and test putting magnets together in different ways to see whether the ends are attracted or repelled.

Oak National Academy Worksheet What are magnets

Wednesday 6th January

10:30 Zoom Call: Introduction

How is this going to work? Questions and answers.


Literacy: To identify a verb

Text: An extract from ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’ by Lewis Carroll

What is a verb? Watch this video to help

Read the text with me. Underline all the verbs (action words) in the text and create a list

Extension: Sort the verbs you have found into present and past tense!

Example: will – would, open – opened, fall - fell


IT: Touch Typing

Set on Purple Mash

Children need to log on with their Purple Mash details (in their Reading Record Books)


Extension/Addition support:



"Drink Me" Extract read by Ms Feind