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Wednesday 6th January

Welcome to day 1 of this lockdown. Good morning everyone. I hope you had a lovely Christmas and ate lots of chocolate!I hope you have chosen your lunch today!  I know this is a difficult time but we will be back together soon. The suggested timetable today is...


ZOOM MEETING....what you need:

clock and whiteboard pen and board

This week we are going to learn how to tell the time. You really need to join the Zoom meeting at 11.30 and bring your clock with you! Then you can do the first coloured sheet in your pack. You can write the times on the sheet but it is probably better to write them in your lovely red book!


If we had been at school we were going to recap the common exception words learnt so far. Get a parent or older sibling to read them out and you write them down. They are in your lockdown pack. Then you can do the worksheet at the bottom.. Read the clues and write down the words. You can write some sentences using and/but/or using these words. Try and make them really interesting!

Don't forget to check your capital letters and full stops, like we do in class. Remember the CUPS checkers! Make sure your handwriting is super neat too!


Epic is set up and ready to roll. I have assigned you a book called Weirdest Sea Creatures! You don't have to read it but it looks very interesting!

Have some lunch if it is dinner time!



There is a lovely art sheet in your pack so choose one of the activities to do. 

I hope you have had a good day....let's end with a joke....

What kind of cheese do you throw at weddings?

Con-feta!!!!  laugh


Common Exception worksheet