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Monday 25th Jan

I hope you all managed to get outside yesterday and enjoy the snow. I am looking forward to seeing all of your photos of snowmen and other wonderful constructions. Here is a photo of the Heath just after it started snowing.....there were plenty of people having fun there. 


Don't forget, it is our turn to exchange reading books in the Library this afternoon between 1 and 3. I really hope to see you then, and you can also collect some eggs and bird seed .......


Live Lesson - Maths - 10.00am

We will be continuing our work on fidning fractions of an amount. After the lesson, select from these activities below - do not do all of them!


If you need more practice finding 50 %, 75 %, 10% and 5 %, do this activity :


If you need more practice finding percentages of amounts like 23 % or 78% then try this activity :
If you are confident with all of the above, try either of these activities :

This is an investigation :

Core Lesson - Literacy.

You will need to read the following article down to the section that says 'hard to play the kind of music he loved', just below the picture of Floella and her family.


There are paper copies available in school if you wish to collect one.


You will then need to answer this Reading Comprehension.

Foundation Subject - Science

This lesson explains how all living organisms on Earth are classified into different groups. You will learn about the five different kingdoms and then focus on the animal kingdom.  It has been lovely seeing lots of your Science work and I have been really impressed with how you are incorporating the new vocabulary into your answers.